A Playground for Storytellers

Narrative Form

With Pombom.com I wanted to create a resource that is a celebration of narrative media. Narrative Media is a term used in relation to novels, theatre, film, comics and even graffiti. It struck me that my love of stories, and the process of making stories and of telling them could be presented in a way that wasn't restricted to a particular medium.

It would seem that narrative is a concept not bound to any medium. It occurred to me that perhaps Narrative Media is the wrong term, that any media, or rather all media, has a narrative form. So, here we are. Pombom.com will be a celebration of Narrative Form.

Please check back soon, as I'm aiming to have a full socially networked playground for story-tellers and other creative and interested people by the beginning of July.

George, 12th June 2012